Why Us?

Why should you call on Colorado Crane & Hoist Corp.?

  1. We work on every brand of hoists and cranes.
  2. We answer our own phones 24 hours a day – including weekends and holidays.  No waiting for an answering service to hopefully contact a technician, then call you.
  3. We respond to emergency break downs first.  Our technicians will leave a routine maintenance site to work on your crane, and get you running again.
  4. We don’t know everything!  That’s why we bring maintenance manuals with us.  Does your crane company do that?
  5. Root cause failure.  We let you know what the real cause of the failure is.  Not just fix the broken part.  This keeps your equipment up time longer, and your costs lower.
  6. Safety first!  The safety of our technicians, your employees, and your equipment is paramount with Colorado Crane & Hoist, Corp.

At Colorado Crane & Hoist Corp., we stand apart. Why?

  • 24/7 Repair Service with 2hr Emergency Call Response Time
  • Area’s Best Factory Trained Electrical / Mechanical Technicians
  • Radio Dispached Service Fleet to Colorado & Surrounding States
  • Repaired Correctly & Efficiently The First Time
  • Factory Warranty Service on Many Brands
  • Large Supply of Factory Parts Stocked in our Warehouse

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read Our Case Studies

“First Time In 30 Years!” Our company was called to repair a hoist motor brake failing on a 30 ton top running crane.The initial investigation revealed the shoes did not align properly with the drum.  Colorado Crane & Hoist did a further investigation that revealed the crane was built with the WRONG BRAKE! For over 30 years, this crane was routinely inspected, and nobody noticed the wrong brake was installed. Technicians from Colorado Crane & Hoist identified the issued, installed the PROPER components, and load tested the entire crane. The crane is now safe to operate for the first time in over 30 years! I will now only use Colorado Crane & Hoist for further inspections!”

Got Dirty To Get The Job Done!” My business had received a phone call to inspect a new customers cranes.  During our first routine inspection of a 10 ton top running crane, Colorado Crane & Hoist technicians noticed cracking on the girders. This was only found because they took the initiative to get dirty by wiping away years of dirt and grime on the beams. It appeared the cracks had been progressing slowly for several years and now were 4 to 5 inches in length. This could have lead to catastrophic failure of this clients crane in a short period of time. Follow on non-destructive testing of the metals indicated how severe the cracking actually was. This lead to the proper corrective action of repairing the cracks; identifying the root cause of the issue; and making the necessary root cause corrections.

“Save A Crane, Save A Life!” During the initial routine inspection, Colorado Crane & Hoist technicians found that the bottom block of a hoist was out of place and could actually strike the runway conductor bar prior to hitting the end stops. This system had been in service for about four years and nobody had ever noticed prior to the inspection. We insured corrective actions were made before this crane ever ran again. Thanks to Colorado Crane & Hoist, this could have saved us from a much more serious incident had they not inspected it.”

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